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Why crawling and indexing is so important for SEO positioning?

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SEO Positioning: Reasons to crawl and index your content

Have you ever wondered how Google shows you what you’re looking for so quickly? The answer lies in the tasks such as crawling and indexing, which are of the utmost importance for SEO positioning. This is because these instructions that were subjected to an exhaustive analysis are the ones that are responsible for providing the content you are looking for in just a few seconds. Keep reading and know its function in detail.

First it is essential to know that before showing the results you want, search engines have the job of reviewing as many websites as possible. After that, they evaluate how to organize the information using Google’s algorithms in order to display it, and that is where crawling and indexing play a leading role in SEO positioning agencies. Since these allow determining which results are relevant and of quality to show, taking into account the Keywords that are used.

What is tracking?

It can be said that tracking is the number one step that is executed in the entire SEO positioning process. This is because Google uses its crawlers to discover pages through links, giving priority to new websites and those pages that have made recent changes.

That said, it should be noted that links on websites are valuable, as is keeping an updated page that makes it easier for search engines to find you. These actions will show you to Google as a page that adds value to users.

What is indexing?

For its part, when we talk about indexing we refer to step number two. In this opportunity, the job is for Google to analyze the entire page and organize the results in the index known as the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. This will make it easier to crawl website URLs and waste as little time as possible.

According to that, it is necessary to understand that if a website is not indexed, it will be impossible for it to be displayed in the results of the different search engines. Therefore, the suggestion is to get down to work to index the page as soon as possible.

Should all web content be crawled and indexed?

As for tracking, this work is done on all pages. However, in the case of indexing it is different, you must be quite selective. This is because there are sections of a website that do not need to go through the process, as it can harm what has been achieved. Therefore, what should be indexed are the contents that have value for users. This is why it is so important to leave SEO positioning in the hands of professionals.

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