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Why is an SEO consultant a vital asset for my company? Well, the answer to that is deeper than it seems. First of all, we need to talk about shopping. How many potential clients are you not reaching because you do not move in their environment, on the Internet? How many sales are you losing because they can’t buy your products through your website? If you have been horrified after doing numbers, continue reading.

Web positioning is the best way to be seen on the web, which is why SEO for companies has acquired vital importance due to the incessant use of the Internet by users, especially through mobile devices. For this reason, more and more companies see the need to hire an SEO consultant to adapt to the digital environment and gradually increase their online presence.

Have we not yet convinced you of the importance of SEO for your company? We are going to expose the main keys to assess the importance of organic positioning and our experience working in various companies to make their website visible on the internet.

What does an SEO consultant for companies do?

The work of an SEO consultant aims to improve the natural positioning of your website in the main search engines to increase the visibility of your business and, therefore, your visits. And how do we do this? With valuable content and technical optimization of your website.

This is carried out with two main types of actions: SEO On Page (optimization actions on the website itself) and SEO Off Page (actions outside of it), which, implemented within a correctly planned strategy, help to position in the search engines certain keywords related to the sector to which the company is dedicated.

What are the advantages of a good SEO strategy?

SEO positioning has the advantage of being a stable and long-term investment. Unlike Google Adwords, which requires a constant investment to appear, SEO strategies produce a progressive and increasingly broad organic positioning in the different keywords that we position. Among the advantages offered by SEO for companies, we can highlight the following:

  • Content focused on the target population: Increases visibility to users interested in the products or services offered by the company (target) and attracts quality traffic through the positioning of specific keywords.
  • Greater number of clicks: to choose a website after performing a search, users generally find organic results (SEO) more reliable than paid ones (SEM).
  • Constant and long-term investment: The cost of SEO for companies is stable and does not depend on the number of visits received or the sales achieved. Although in the initial stage the cost may be higher due to the time needed to start getting results, in the medium-long term it is a much more profitable channel than any type of paid advertising.
  • The most profitable channel: Unlike SEM (advertisements on Google) or specific campaigns on social networks, SEO allows stable and constant positioning through natural content. This is especially beneficial for keywords that have a high bid and high search volume, as ranking those terms with paid ads would require a huge investment.
  • Stand out from the competition: Thanks to the use of meta descriptions you can differentiate yourself from the competition, point out the exact service you offer and its value.

Do we do SEO On Page or SEO Off Page?

They are not mutually exclusive. It is not advisable to neglect either aspect of SEO, but to carry out a combination of both to gain greater strength in search engines.

Actually, the right thing to do would be to start optimizing the web before it was created through different important actions such as improving loading speed on different devices, generating valuable content for users, generating a correct structure within each page, having a linkbuilding strategy and the creation of a sitemap for Google, among many other actions.

Once the page is optimized, it is time to get incoming links in order to further increase traffic, as well as increase the authority of our domain. For this, a strategy focused on quality is better than quantity. One good quality link is better than ten poor quality links.

A good quality link is, for example, that of a well-known website such as Wikipedia or Vogue magazine. It is also important to generate links on sites with similar themes to ours.

The services of an SEO consultant are increasingly in demand.

Competing for the top positions in Google against other companies in the sector becomes a more complicated task over time because more and more businesses are betting on SEO positioning to get more customers and sell their products with the aim of trust or make yourself known.

Therefore, the help of a professional in SEO positioning is increasingly in demand, it is necessary to give visibility to your business. If you want more information about our services, get in touch with us through our contact form.


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