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SEO Consulting

What is an SEO consultant?

An SEO consultant is someone who optimizes websites to get higher rankings in search engines like Google.

In other words: he researches, analyzes trends and best practices online to develop and implement strategies that improve visibility on Google.

An expert will provide you with actionable recommendations to help you increase visits from Google and research what works and what doesn’t so they can adjust their strategies and give you expert advice, directions, tasks achievable.

What is a natural referencing agency?

An agency specializing in natural referencing is a company responsible for supporting a company to improve the visibility of its website. The mission of these agencies is to advise and manage a digital marketing strategy for its various clients.

Thus, SEO consultants who support companies can offer different services and methods of action:

  • The definition of keywords and a semantic corpus.
  • Optimizing the content of the site.
  • Recommendations in terms of technical optimization.
  • Setting up a net linking campaign.
  • The analysis of the competition.
  • Creation and writing of optimized content.
  • Setting up and monitoring an Ads campaign.

Why Me?

Working with a specialist makes it easier to achieve your positioning and SEO goals. Here are 7 good reasons to work with an SEO agency:

  • Consulting: specialists share their expertise to help you build an effective SEO strategy that meets your objectives.
  • A strong experience in the field: SEO is a complex discipline that requires many years of work to understand all the workings.
  • The implementation of good practices: optimizing a website for SEO cannot be improvised and you are never safe from making an error that could penalize you. It is better to collaborate with a specialized entity to be sure of achieving your objectives.
  • Take advantage of the latest developments in the field: like any marketing discipline, SEO is constantly evolving and SEO specialists are in the best position to implement the right on-site and off-site actions.
  • Time saving: SEO requires investment and time that we do not necessarily have. Using an external service provider allows you to focus on other priority activities
  • Optimize expenses: they adapt to their client’s budget to offer them a tailor-made service that meets their expectations and needs.

At the end of his audit, he will give the client a set of recommendations resulting from his analysis. This document presents the main areas to follow to improve the positioning of a site.

As part of an in-depth audit, the consultant will accompany his client step by step to help him implement each of his recommendations. In this specific case, the web agency supports you in a complete analysis and optimization of your website over the long term

Content creation

Writing content optimized for SEO is an integral part of the services of an SEO agency. The objective of web editors is to offer you unique content adapted to your audience, which at the same time allows you to optimize your visibility on search engines.

She can assist you in writing blog articles, landing pages, product sheets or even newsletters, for example.


Backlinks is a strategy based on the acquisition of backlinks or backlinks, placed on third-party sites that point to yours. Indeed, it is thanks to the volume of backlinks that Google algorithms calculate the popularity of a website.

Competition analysis

Competitive analysis consists of analyzing the way your challengers work. This type of audit makes it possible to determine on which key words and expressions it is relevant to position a website, with regard to the competition.

Google Ads campaigns

In addition to SEO services, it is possible to set up your Adwords campaign. Defining the budget and objectives, writing advertisements, amount of bids, putting the campaign online, consultants accompany you throughout the process. (See Google Ads Agency services)

What are the prices and rates of SEO services?

How much does a natural referencing service cost? This is the question that many companies ask themselves before launching. Here is some information on the rates charged for the 3 main services:

What is the cost of an audit?

The price of an SEO audit can vary from a few hundred dollar to more than 10,000 dollar, depending on the volume of pages on the website. While a basic audit can take 10 to 15 hours of work, more complex audits take place over several months.

What is the price of a content service?

The rates for a writing service vary widely and are generally between 70 dollar and more than 300 dollar per text. But the price offered depends on 3 essential criteria:

  • The length of the content
  • The complexity of the subject
  • Editorial quality

How much does a backlinks service cost?

Backlinks is generally integrated into a broader SEO strategy. The prices are very divergent from one offer to another. Thus, the prices start from a few tens of dollar and can exceed several thousand dollar , depending on the reputation of the partner sites and the methods used (purchase of links, creation of private networks, press relations, etc.).