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See how to improve the positioning of your website

How to Make Google Find My Site? This is a very common question among the vast majority and only with a good SEO Consulting to get the results you so much want.

Digital4it is an SEO and Performance Agency that uses effective website optimization techniques for your company to be easily found in search engines.

For this, we have a team of professionals who apply a set of techniques and strategies to ensure a better positioning in Google search results.

At SEO Consulting, we do website optimization and positioning, a work that takes a medium to long term to present effective results, as the search engines make readings from time to time on the websites, that is, the changes are not noticed as soon as they are carried out.

How SEO Consulting works

The stages of an SEO Consulting can vary depending on several factors. At Digital4it – SEO and Agency, our services include all auditing, planning and execution. For this, a whole study of:

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Analysis and Technical Audit
  • Performance Analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Implementation of Technical Improvements
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building

In these analyses, we carefully study how your website visits are, the conversion process of each one of them, in order to understand what needs to be applied and improved in SEO services. In general, we carry out a Diagnosis to identify the errors and improvements that will be worked on to surpass your competitors on Google, thus placing your products or services in the flow of those who seek them, enabling the business to obtain an increase in revenue.

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Why Seek an SEO Consultant (Search Engine Optimization)

Attract new potential customers:

People who still don’t know your business or don’t remember your business name when searching on Google.

Cost benefit:

The website optimization service (SEO consultancy) is a job that improves cost-effectiveness every day. The SEO consultant works constantly on the positioning of keywords, with a fixed monthly investment. Every day that goes by we have more results with the same investment.

To attract the right people:

Who is looking for the products, services and/or content you are providing.

Stages of SEO Consulting in Digital4it

SEO Consulting (site optimization for search engines) follows 4 steps:


Complete audit of the client’s site through various analysis of metrics and statistics to know the current scenario in which the site is before. The seo consultant will understand who buys and how they buy. We talk to the customer to identify this information. Then we do market research to validate the information and detect opportunities that the customer has not yet seen. The seo consultant uses this information in all other steps of the seo consulting.


Make a plan and action to correct the errors identified during the audit. Plan the seo consulting activities that will be performed and aligned with the client. Define activity schedule, performance index, goals to be achieved, as the main objective to position the client’s website among the first organic search results in Google’s search tools, in order to achieve results efficiently, maximizing the client’s investments.


The seo consultant will act directly in the execution of the project with the client, to guarantee that the goals are reached. In this step we perform the following actions.

  • Insert original and quality content on the site.
  • Promotion of your website to make it trustworthy and relevant in the eyes of users and Google.
  • Correctly register the company in Google’s directories and tools.
  • Suggest and qualify the specific keywords with the highest number of searches.
  • Optimize with keywords, thus enabling customers to see them on the first page.
  • Create and monitor Anchor Texts, Link Building and Backlinks in order to keep the company’s website at the top of search engines, when searched with specific keywords
  • Structuring the project so that it is in line with good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices.


Monthly report to monitor project success indicators. Although each project has its individuality, in practically every seo project, we have the following information:

  • Analysis of organic visits to the site.
  • Monitoring of keywords and their rankings over time.
  • Analysis and comparison of revenue and conversions (goals).
  • Activities developed in the project.
  • And other items adapted to the project.

Facilitates local search

Mobile searches are growing at astronomical speed, which means that within a short time, local search seo will make room for new SEO techniques. It’s time to take a broader look and compare your site with sites that are geographically close to you! All the information needed by your client needs to be on the main page, well defined and with clarifying keywords.