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Off-page SEO

A great step to reach your customers and improve the positioning of your website.

  • Our effective working method is the key to achieving successful campaigns: Each business is unique and more so in a link building strategy, we know what to do and what not to do.
  • Strategies based on naturalness and quality: All our strategies are well defined by their naturalness and quality, always creating with lead feet.
  • We create quality content on the most authoritative websites: Our links are strategically located in places that encourage the click, for us the quality of a link is measured in the traffic it generates to the website to which it links.

What is Link Building?

It is a method that consists of obtaining external links from other websites related to the sector in which a company operates. With this we manage to increase the importance of the web page and improve the positioning directly, since one of the main factors of the Google algorithm is the links that a website receives.

This technique is essential to stand out from the crowd, but it is not easy to find the right site to do Linkbuilding, you have to take into account many characteristics of the external website for this link to work, it is useless to put links for putting.

The backlink is a term that is mainly attached to natural referencing today. At the beginning of the Internet, we generally spoke of hyperlinks or hypertext links in the broad sense of the term. It was neither more nor less a link, allowing to redirect to another source.

All of these links created what is still called a mesh to this day, thus making it possible to link many web pages together.

Link building: What do you need it for?

Backlinks is necessary to create links to our website, pretending to be created “naturally” and related to the sector in which we work. This creates more traffic on our website, sales and profits, but if it is not done correctly, Google can penalize our website, and kick us out of the rankings.

Linkbuilding is also a method to improve the popularity of our brand within the professional sector in which we are and of course improve SEO positioning in search engines.

How does the Link Building help to position your website?

When making Link Building in web pages external to ours but related, the users of these access the link that we have placed there to obtain more information about the subject that our web works and what the link is.

It is usually done in forums or blogs where many users recommend help websites on the same topic. In this way we get users from other websites to reach ours, thus increasing the number of users who access it and improving the positioning of our website.

Links with meaning, each link is created for a reason.

f course we cannot do Link Building anywhere, we must study the right place to put it in the most natural way without having the slightest negative impact on our website and get a large number of visits. Searching for and investigating different websites in the same sector and choosing the right one to put the link cannot be considered an easy job.

The backlink is an incoming link, which means that it comes from an outside source pointing to one of the pages of your website. Any website can slip into one of its contents, a link that will point to one of yours.

For you, it will therefore be a backlink, which will allow you to gain referral traffic or referrer traffic, one of the different sources of web traffic. Referral traffic is one of the essential sources of traffic in SEO, to obtain a good positioning of its content.

Why us to create the Link Building strategy for you?

With me, although Link Building is not our biggest hobby, since it is not something natural, we can say that we are especially good at it. We analyze the websites of the same sector, we get all the possible information; if they create links daily or weekly etc., and with all this information we create links on the most appropriate websites and that most benefit our clients.

Is backlink still useful ?

The backlinks in natural referencing, are essential to obtain a good positioning of its web pages on the search engines and to acquire authority in the long term.

However, they generate many questions as to their meaning, their role and especially the way in which they will be used to acquire this sought-after authority.

If you are one of those people who are striving for the top position on Google, backlinks should not be a stranger to you. It is they in part, which will greatly help you to climb to the first page of the essential search engine.

First of all, let’s define what a backlink is and see the universe related to it among the following points:

  • The benefit of inbound links and their quality
  • The guest posts campaigns to work jointly with expert agencies.
  • They are to be preferred so as not to risk penalties and to over-optimize its content.
  • The factors that guarantee a good backlink