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Sameh Gamal

My name is Sameh Gamal. I work as SEO since 2013. I have worked on more than 150 websites in different languages, and I have achieved amazing results in many of them.
If you have a website and you need it in the first rank in Google, contact me and I will do a free SEO audit for it and provide the necessary advice

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For each client who already has a website and wishes to improve their visitor acquisition cost, the SEO consultant carries out an in-depth audit to determine the natural referencing actions already undertaken, the potential and the blocking factors.

An in-depth SEO audit is the basis of the work of an SEO consultant because it makes it possible to identify the adequacy of the pages of the site with the ranking factors (positioning factors). Indeed, once the blocking points have been clearly highlighted, it becomes possible to work on substantiated and truly effective recommendations. The potential becomes obvious, and the optimizations then follow one another naturally to follow a logical axis of traffic development from search engines (like Google) based on a fine and actionable SEO strategy.