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LSI keywords: everything you need to know

LSI keywords

What are LSI keywords?

Are you a content creator? Then you should know that LSI keywords will become your preferred tool, since they are used to improve SEO positioning in search engines and generate more organic traffic on the web. That is why today we will explain everything you need to know so that you can start using them in your strategies and thus obtain the results you are looking for.

LSI keywords or Latent Semantic Indexing keywords as they are also known, are a type of keyword that are often used in SEO positioning campaigns to raise them to a higher level. These are directly related to the main keywords, and have a different role than the secondary ones.

Therefore, they are intended to help Google to know what content is being discussed on the respective brand website. This will allow it to be displayed when a user searches with the different related terms.

How important are LSI keywords in SEO positioning?

As is already known, this type of keyword allows Google’s algorithm to identify you more quickly, increasing the precision in displaying the content found on the page. In addition, it favors at the moment of positioning in a relevant category, which makes with this action that positive results are achieved in the applied SEO campaign

Another important aspect is that it allows you to be more visible to the public that is really looking for you. Which will guarantee you a lower bounce rate.

How to choose the best LSI keywords?

A very favorable point that LSI keywords tools have at the time of content creation is that it is not necessary to do manual work that will take hours and hours to find the optimal keywords:

1. Look at related Google searches

When a query is made in the different search engines such as Google, it is common for other topics related to what you want to be displayed at the end of the search engine. These results are some LSI keywords that fit naturally into the content of the web page and can be used without problems.

2. Use some tools

One of the essential tools to consult the LSI keywords is the Ubersuggest. Which allows to obtain ideas of words related to the main keywords, this shows suggestions, prepositions and comparisons in its results. In addition, it is free, which makes it one of the most requested.

Also, you can use Google Keyword Planner, which has the same function of supporting you in finding the related words you need to work on SEO positioning campaigns. This will expand the definition of terms that can be used in the content of the page.

Therefore, the expert or creator of content based on SEO positioning must understand the relevance of LSI keywords and use them in the content of their page so that it is more easily located. In this way you can ensure to be positioned in the best results of the search engine.

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