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Local SEO services for small business

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Do you know the importance of Local SEO for your business? This topic often goes unnoticed, since all the focus is given to web SEO. Even when you have a good SEO within the web, sometimes it is difficult to understand why you do not have the expected results.

Without a doubt, Local SEO is the answer you are looking for. This element is mostly ignored, especially due to ignorance. Believe it or not, local SEO is not a well-known term or practiced in most marketing strategies today.

At this point, it is important to recognize that much of this problem is due to the fact that it is an advanced topic of SEO. But don’t worry, your visibility problems are about to be solved. Keep reading so you can learn a little more and start implementing it

What is local SEO?

They are all those methods and tools used to increase visits to a web page. All this associated with the search for information of interest to Internet users. For search engines it is necessary to use the geographical location to facilitate obtaining the information required by the user.

All this procedure provides companies with a physical establishment, which offer different services, to acquire greater visibility on the web. For users it is a great advantage since it facilitates the search, since the geographical location is used.

If your company is physically located in a geographical location that is relevant to the business, you should not neglect local SEO. Generally, these types of companies are dedicated to the area of ​​health, pets, aesthetic services, food or automotive service.

Local SEO offers a range of possibilities on the web, because it offers the opportunity to venture into a global environment. As your web traffic increases, the characteristics of your services will take on a broader view of the web market.

You must learn strategies that give relevance to search engines, acquiring a better positioning of the company on the web. This is an art that you must learn to develop.

Why is it important to have an optimized Local SEO?

Local SEO is very important for your physical company, as it gives you an easy location through the web. Your potential clients will arrive from your environment demanding the services you offer, thanks to the optimization of this element.

Currently, search engines have implemented filters according to the services you offer and the needs of each user. This is because customers search for a place, product or service before the name of a particular company.

If your business is not positioned, Local SEO becomes necessary for the well-being of your business. Through geolocation you could distribute your services or products globally, where Google maps becomes essential.

If your local SEO is optimized, you will achieve maximum benefits, including:

  • Increased sales: For potential customers, it is essential to geolocate the search results of your company and the services you offer to guarantee consumption.
  • Location factor: When looking for web positioning, it is an advantage. Users use a keyword, and this is related to their geographical position. Google will automatically track the geolocation, showing the closest results. Therefore, the chances of getting new customers increase.
  • Advertising: It considerably favors the creation of the profile or image of your company in the city or place where your potential customers reside.
  • Reputation: Appearing in the first Google search results gives an image of professionalism and credibility. This has no point of comparison. The quality of the service you provide, the veracity in the answers you offer to users is very important. Do not forget to answer the comments and questions that they make you.

All this will allow you to increase the number of clients, search engine ranking and web traffic. In addition to this, it will reduce competition and costs, as it is an economical Local SEO.

Some secrets to achieve Local SEO positioning

It does not matter if your business is taking its first steps or you have been in it for some time. The important thing is the benefit you can get thanks to the internet and the optimization of your Local SEO. The growth of your business and the optimization of the services you offer is in your hands.

you can contact me as freelance SEO consultant to achieve what you need

Take advantage of these little secrets that I have come to show you so that you can achieve optimal results. Are you up for it?

Create a Google My Business account

Be sure to create a Google My Business account, this platform allows you to manage your local business. In addition, it is linked to Google Places and Google Plus (Local).

Having an account on this platform will not only give you geolocated visibility. But you can also get ratings, call button and links directly to your website from the search engine.

Do not forget to make a detailed record of the data requested. Among them are the description, schedules, contacts, photographs, logos and more. All these elements generate more trust, both for Google and for your potential client.

If you do not yet have a Google My Business account, remember that once requested you will have to wait a few days to receive validation. You must wait for the PIN that Google will send you through a card to the address of your business, thus obtaining verification of the real location.

Updated information

Keep the information related to your company updated. Do not forget to register the services you offer, the name, specify the address, hours and telephone numbers.

I also recommend creating a page that contains your city or province information in the URL.

Specify the name of your city or province. Remember that there are places that have the same name and it leads to confusion for the user. Also, there may be inconsistencies when returning searches.

Keywords or tags

This element is paramount. Well, Google offers high priority to tags, keywords or geometatags, associated with geographic location.

Take care that they are relevant to your business, in such a way that they have enough searches by users. Don’t forget to include your location in all keywords.

Social networks

Use social networks, for this you must make an effective and accurate use. They influence optimally thanks to the flow of information between people with the same locality.

Although Facebook enjoys great popularity, do not stay alone with it. Use Google + accounts, since Google will always give priority to the evaluations that come from this social network.

Be especially careful with errors, keep in mind that all addresses must be the same between one platform and others.

Get reviews

Acquire reviews represented in stars (4 or 5 stars). Also get good comments from your users and visitors. It stimulates the production of comments and opinions.

This will positively influence your position as long as the services have earned a good reputation among users.

Geolocate your images

Geolocate the images, and you will be able to highlight your location above your competition.

Don’t worry! You can help yourself by using websites that mark your images with coordinates. Thanks to this geolocation service, users will find your business easily and simply.

Include links from directories or websites

Register in national and local directories that are relevant to your business. So Google will take it into account for the authority they bring to your business.

These directories will give you your location, which is what is really being searched for. As long as you are registered in the most directories, you will have more opportunities to expand. What are you waiting for?

Local SEO and what tools to use

Believe it or not, there are no special tools to work on the local SEO of a website. That is, to optimize the local SEO of your website you can use the same tools that you have used for SEO.

Learn about the most effective tools implemented by experts:

  • Google search engine
  • keyword planner
  • Keyword Tools
  • Free Keyword Research Tool
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMrush
  • Sistrix
  • Mozbar
  • keyword shitter

I hope that you have become clearer about the importance that you should give to local SEO so that your business acquires visibility on the web. Without a doubt, you will gain increased sales and an enviable reputation among your competition.

Do not forget that the strategies you implement will depend on your commercial activity. To do this, you must learn at least the basics of web positioning and how to combine it with Local SEO.

Do not forget that this topic is very broad, and requires specific knowledge to meet the needs of your business. The strategies you employ should also correspond to these needs.

If you have already started to implement these that I have shown you, you have taken a big step… But do not stay alone with this. And keep in mind that if you do not achieve the expected results, you should be accompanied by a professional. For any questions, you are one click away.

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