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In previous articles I have already spoken to you on occasion about the importance of links for any project that an SEO consultant wants to position. But this week I want to talk to you about what Link Baiting is and how it can help us with our seos.

Link baiting is a positioning strategy that is based on obtaining links through the content we generate. I have already commented on it on more than one occasion, both in this blog and in some others in which I also write. We must generate quality content that makes us link to our competitors. As you can imagine, this is unlikely to happen, but it helps us to always keep in mind that the key is to add value to our users.

According to all the experts, Link Baiting is going to gain a lot of prominence in 2022, something that we have been warning about for several months. It will even have a greater relevance than the link building, pure and simple, to which we were accustomed.

I think the idea is clear. The essence of Link baiting is based on the fact that it is the content that we generate, which, because it adds value, because it is of quality, makes users link to us naturally.

The vast majority of SEO consultants believe that Link Baiting allows websites to grow naturally since with the generation of this type of content we are following the guidelines set by Google.

But the SEO of 2022 will not only be based on this. There are other aspects that most of us who are dedicated to SEO have been using for a long time, but that we think is gaining more and more prominence.

As a seo consultant in Dubai I understand that you should not neglect the following aspects:

  • Social networks
  • smartphones
  • content marketing
  • Geolocation

The points that I have just detailed need no explanation. I just invite you to ask yourself a few questions. Where do you do most of your internet searches? Do you usually share the ones you like? Where do you share from? And finally, if you were looking for a computer store, for example, what location would you be interested in appearing in the first positions?

I am completely sure and I am not the only one that geolocated SEO positioning campaigns will be even more important in the future. If you have any SME among your clients, do not stop offering this service because I guarantee that the return is brutal.

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