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How to choose a web hosting for an online store

How to choose a web hosting for an online store

When developing a website, there are some aspects that require a little more time and attention. One of them is deciding what type of web hosting service is the most suitable for the needs of the business.

Currently there are specialized services that offer web hosting for all types of companies, including online stores. Having a hosting is significantly useful to position a business, reach users organically, apply various strategies and increase sales progressively good hosting make you SEO for your site good that what say the best seo expert in Dubai recommended

In this article we will review what web hosting is and the different types that exist. We will also talk about what are the basic principles to choose the right one for an online store.

What is hosting or web hosting

Although it’s easy to think of a website as a single unit, it’s actually made up of several different files that work together. All these files must be stored on a server that protects the database. This is known as hosting or web hosting.

The first step is to hire a space on a server through a service such as Godaddy hosting. A server is nothing more than a physical computer that runs without interruption so that the site is always available to anyone who wants to access it.

This web hosting provider is responsible for keeping the server up and running. At the same time, it is responsible for protecting it from malicious attacks and transferring the content from the server to the users’ browsers. All this content can be text, images, files, etc.

Fees can be monthly, yearly, or even free for some hosting services. In fact, some companies also allow you to buy the domain (the name of the website. For example: www.thisdomain.ae).

What types of web hosting exist

It is important to know the different types of hosting services that can be found. Most providers offer specific hosting plans to meet different needs.

Shared hosting. It is the most common type of web hosting. Here the server is shared with other clients of the provider and all its resources are used jointly: memory, processing power and disk space.

VPS hosting. In this type of hosting, the server is also shared with other users. However, the provider allocates a separate space for each one, giving it a reserved amount of power and processing memory. It is a perfect service for medium-sized businesses with fast-growing websites.

Dedicated Hosting. This is a physical server dedicated exclusively to a single website. Although it is more expensive, it offers very good advantages. It guarantees better flexibility, ability to give it custom configuration, improves performance, etc.

Cloud hosting. With this service, the provider replicates the website on a set of servers that make up “the cloud”. When one of the servers is busy or has problems, the traffic is automatically routed to another. It is currently one of the most used and its cost varies greatly.

WordPress Hosting. This is a specific hosting for those who have developed their site using the WordPress CMS. It’s a bit like shared hosting, but it’s configured for use with WordPress and comes with pre-installed plugins to configure.

Main aspects to take into account when choosing the hosting of an online store

Once you have the name of the online store and a defined strategy, you must consider some factors to choose the most convenient:

Check bandwidth. The service must guarantee a good user experience, loading the pages quickly and for a significant number of visitors.

Storage capacity. This allows you to add more complete content so that buyers can better appreciate the products.

You must have simultaneous connections. It must offer protection against DDoS attacks (simultaneous visits by bots that congest the website). In addition, it must support a large number of visits without slowing down the web page.

HTTPs certificate. It is also important that they have an HTTPs protocol. This increases the security of the site and prevents problems related to data theft, blockages, etc.

You must offer technical support. This type of support is essential for online stores, as they help manage problems with the server and give users a quick response.

Backup. It is also recommended that they offer backup copies, in case of attacks or loss of information.

What are the advantages of having web hosting for your e-commerce

As reviews, having a well-managed website is a perfect way to diversify the sales channels of an online store. This is quite beneficial for brand image, customer loyalty and sales success.

In addition, web hosting offers many other benefits:

  • A web hosting is versatile and flexible
  • They absorb traffic without any negative impact
  • A virtual server is much more secure than a physical one located inside an office room
  • There are several platforms available to choose the most convenient
  • They guarantee a better experience for the user and prevent setbacks

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