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How much does SEO cost in Dubai?

How much does SEO cost in Dubai?

SEO Positioning Rates in Dubai

Surely if you have a business, you will have heard of SEO positioning. If so, surely you have asked yourself: What is the price of SEO Positioning? How much does positioning of a web page cost? Is it possible to find cheap quality SEO positioning? In this article I will discover what the seo positioning fees really are in Dubai.

If you have found this article, it is because you are evaluating the possibility of implementing an SEO strategy on your website or e-commerce. The purpose of this article is to carry out a detailed study of the price of SEO positioning and delve into it so that you know what an SEO agency offers you or what you can obtain if you decide to carry it out on your own.

Are SEO positioning prices expensive or cheap in Dubai?

The first thing you have to be clear about is what SEARCH ENGINE POSITIONING is, unlike what you have heard on more than one occasion, IT IS NOT FREE, not even if you decide to carry it out on your own and at your own risk. Second, and just as important, results are not obtained overnight either. If you’re looking for a result for yesterday, you’d better go to Google ADS… which isn’t exactly cheap either, depending on the case. The third and perhaps most important thing is that the positioning of any activity on the INTERNET is expensive or cheap depending on the results we obtain. It is what is known as ROI; something for sure, that you will also be tired of reading or hearing about hundreds of blogs related to Marketing in general and SEO in particular. And it is that the return is what will tell us if the money we have invested is justified or not.

As soon as you have already searched, you will know that the web positioning rates are the most varied even within the same city. They will naturally depend on the quality and services contracted. There are as many SEO pricing plans as we want to design and naturally, the more actions are implemented within the designed positioning strategy… we will find one SEO positioning price or another. In our seo agency you will find two “standard” seo pricing plans and another tailored, for larger, specific or complicated projects

In the end, as soon as you start looking you will see each agency, consultant, freelancer… they offer you different things, from a simple optimization of the web, to an SEO of only 4 keywords, or 6… This means that there are such big differences between some SEO budgets and others. But what makes not all SEO prices the same? The answer is very simple. Not all niches to position have the same difficulty and therefore not all organic positioning plans have the same actions to implement.

How do we define our seo positioning price plans in Dubai?

In this article I will try to explain how we deal with an SEO project from the moment it arrives and of course we will indicate the basic positioning prices and the average positioning prices. Those of advanced positioning depend on a more advanced analysis that does not allow us to give an indicative price. Does this mean that the basic and medium SEO positioning plans do not have this detailed study? ABSOLUTELY. All our seos have an analysis, both of our client’s website and the website of the most direct competitors. What happens is that experience already makes us recognize those projects that we could fit into a basic plan and which ones into a medium plan, counting on the actions that we are going to carry out in one or the other.

In this way and as a guideline we can say that at Consultor SEO Dubai we have a basic seo positioning plan in Dubai of $129 and an average seo positioning plan in Dubai of $500.

Then we would have those projects that, due to the complexity of the sector or service to be positioned, require a large number of hours of work and a comprehensive positioning price plan in which we would include SEO actions, generation of abundant content, ad campaigns on Google and RRSS, reviews, directories… etc, etc… Logically, these positioning fees are much higher and their amount could be between 400 and 800 euros per month.

Now you know the prices, but honestly I think it is even more important that you know what we do from the moment we receive an email or a call from a client who wants to position a web page.

Thus, I indicate the main points to be discussed from minute “1” in all the positioning plans that I can offer you as a seo consultant in Dubai.

The auditory

It is totally impossible to face a positioning and therefore give a price, without carrying out a prior analysis of both your website and that of the competitors that we are going to face. For this reason, we usually say that we “DO NOT give prices by weight” and that is why in this article we have indicated that the prices are indicative. Many clients have heard of seo but have no idea about what a service of these characteristics can cost. They need to get an idea of where the shots are going to know if it’s something they can consider or not. Hence, having the basic and medium plans on our seo consultant website, because there are many projects that can fit into that price range.

Aspects that are looked at in the SEO audit

Errors 404 error page, robots.txt, sitemap xml, canonicals, web content and blog content, indexing, links, meta, images, mobile version, WPO, web architecture, measurement with specific tools, redirections

What do the SEO prices include?

This is an aspect that varies depending on the agency you hire. You can find agencies that charge a price for the audit that would include the initial optimization of the on-page SEO and the off-page SEO of your website. Or you can contract with us in which case you will not pay this but you will have a one-year stay, something that you can also find in the case of professionals who charge for the audit but also have a stay of “x” time.

Tracking price. This is what is known as the monthly seo itself. It is the fee that we charge for monthly management so that your keywords not only do not fall, but also increase little by little. The idea is simple. It is about each time you appear positioned by more criteria. This is the reason why at Websystem-seo consultant in Dubai, we are not very fond of setting one price or another depending on the keywords you want to position, something that was done years ago and even today there are those who follow it. making.

In SEO we never rest. All search engine optimization strategies are based on continuous work. It requires permanent monitoring and constant improvement, as well as an update based on ranking factors marked by the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). It would be useless for us to optimize your page if we are not going to implement the necessary modifications every time the game conditions vary.

As if all this were not enough, we also have to take into account the issue of link building. Links are essential in some very competitive projects. We refer to quality links, press releases, content publications related to our theme… and this is not exactly cheap.

Everything is ready? Sorry but no. To control our project we need analysis and measurement tools. These tools are not usually available to an amateur who works from their home and it will be difficult for you to access them if you want to carry out SEO on your own. You will have to go to a specialized agency that is the one that will have this service. The reason is very simple: The price of SEO analysis tools.

Here are some examples: SEMRUSH: $69.95 per month. SISTRIX: From €99 per month for national campaigns or €100 per module (x6) for international campaigns. MOZ: $99/month SEO Power Suite: Free without saving or exporting results. €299 a license. GTmetrix: It has a free version, if you go up to the pro plan from $14.95/month Magestic: from €39.99/month

Search Console: Free Analytics: Free. AHREFS: From $99 per month.

In conclusion. SEO is expensive or cheap depending on how difficult it is to position your business, but above all, depending on the ROI Return on Investment, come on, what the return on investment has been.

A $100 seo is expensive if we have no return and a $1500 seo is cheap if it is a real estate agency and we sell a flat every week.

I hope that this article has at least managed to clear your doubts about what it could cost to position your website more or less. If so, I’m glad and I’m at your service if you want us to analyze your website.

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