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Are you looking to improve the SEO positioning of your online store in Dubai?

SEO positioning of your online store in Dubai

What do we do to help you improve the SEO positioning of your online store in Dubai?

Devoting the necessary time to planning and carrying out SEO positioning tasks in Dubai is essential for all types of businesses that have a presence on the web. That is why, if you consider that your online store is still not growing enough, with Sameh Gamal i can carry out an audit and see what conditions it is in. This will serve to generate the strategies that enhance and ensure their success.

It is convenient to know that every online store that has an optimal SEO positioning in Dubai appears in the first positions of the different search engines such as Google. Otherwise, you would be missing out on a great opportunity to grow on the web. Next, it will be indicated what tasks the experts in the area execute to improve:

1. SEO positioning through links between social networks

It is common for a given online store to have two to three social networks that drive it to grow initially. Therefore, the experts will be in charge of generating links that lead to your website. This action, together with consistent content and a considerable number of publications, will encourage a higher level of traffic in the online store.

In addition, it is possible that if there is a catalog, it is linked to the most used social networks such as Facebook and Instagram. What will make the people who reach the last steps in the conversion are more determined to proceed with their purchase, even executing it the first time.

2. Correct selection of Keywords for SEO positioning in Dubai

The objective with the detailed and structured analysis of the keywords that identify the online store is that these will serve as a guide in the strategies that are carried out. Once this step is executed, it is most likely that it will begin to appear in better positions in searches. For this reason, those that really define what is being sold must be chosen, in order to then select the most pertinent variations.

3. Name and description of the correct products

When it comes to working towards the growth of a brand, absolutely everything is important, even the smallest thing. For this reason, both the name of the product and its description must be taken care of, since the keyword that has already been analyzed should not be missing in this. This task requires a little more execution of SEO optimization actions for each product page.

Similarly, the Keywords that must be included in titles and descriptions cannot be missing in the H2 and at the beginning of the first paragraph. In addition, only one should not be used, since it takes away the naturalness. Therefore, synonyms must be used, which provides more semantics, originality and that natural aspect that is always sought after. This allows more traffic to be captured with similar search terms.

Do you want to know if your online store has been correctly SEO positioned in Dubai? Ask us for more information. with me i have a team of SEO consultants in Dubai who are experts in all types of businesses. Contact me.

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